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Busy Bee is a family-owned and operated business run by Mary Ann and Julia, the "Ladies of Busy Bee". This mother-daughter pair has been business partners for over five years when shop was purchased from the previous Busy Bee owners.  The Busy Bee Florist has been in existence for over twenty years.  As a compliment to the floral department, the "Ladies of Busy Bee" have also expanded into a large line of gifts for all occasions.  Busy Bee expanded the flower shop in 2012 by purchasing the adjoining building. Come visit and see the new additions.

Busy Bee where everyone is family. 


Julia Schmitt, AIFD®CFD®, EMC, ICPF, PFCI 

Co-Owner, Lead Designer

Phone: 660.376.2874

Julia is the lead designer, constantly creating different and unique floral arrangements. She ordinarily is running in and out of the cooler with flowers in both hands.  She is a certified florist through the State of Illinois, European Master's Certified and is recognized by AIFD® as a Certified Floral Designer (CFD®) and was inducted as a member of AIFD® in July 2017.


Mary Ann Schmitt 

Co-Owner, Sales Specialist 

Phone: 660.376.2874 

Mary Ann is the resident sales and garden department specialist of Busy Bee. She can normally be found chatting on the phone with different vendors and clients or on the floor with customers.


Don Schmitt, PhD

Plant Doctor and "Delivery Boy"

Phone: 660.376.2874

Dr. Donald Schmitt, PhD is a plant pathologist as well as the resident plant doctor. He makes house calls or can help you at Busy Bee by appointment. He can diagnose plant diseases in house plants and in landscaping. He doubles as Busy Bee's "Delivery Boy".

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